In Karelia detained participants of the picket in support of the Dading

In Karelia the colony where the oppositionist Ildar Dading, detained two activists of the youth branch of the St. Petersburg “Yabloko”, writes “Interfax” with reference to the representative of the party.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, in Segezha have detained eight persons, among whom were representatives of St. Petersburg branch of the party — Ilya Smirnov and Konstantin Podilchuk.

As has told to Agency Smirnov, at the moment all the detainees, except one, released, all of them drawn. “We detained another girl, Anastasia Andreeva, it is charged with resisting police,” — said the representative of the youth branch of Yabloko. He also noted that other protesters “were detained for picket in the vicinity of sensitive sites”.

As writes “Rosbalt” with reference to one of the participants, Andreeva filmed during the rally. “The proceedings in the administrative case, probably will take place tomorrow”, — leads edition of the words of the interlocutor.

As noted by the “Fontanka”, on Friday, October 4, eight of St. Petersburg held a rally in support of convicted for repeated violations at rallies Ildar Dading. Among them were representatives of the youth “Yabloko”, “Spring” and “Observers of Petersburg”. All the activists plan November 4, will return to St. Petersburg.

Ildar Dading became the first Russian convicted under the law about violations at rallies. In December 2015, he was sentenced to three years imprisonment. In March, the Moscow city court reduced the sentence to two and a half years.

Tuesday, 1 November, the media published a letter Ildar Dading in which the convicted person reported the beatings and threats from employees of the colony. The FSIN, in turn, initiated the audit of those statements. Later, the Ministry said that the Dading retracted their statements on video, and that independent doctors are not found on the body of the convict traces of beatings.