The pound rose after the revocation of the British government the right to Brexit

The pound went up after London’s High court decided that the government has no right to start the process of exit from the EU without the consent of Parliament.

At the maximum rate of the pound against the dollar rose to the level of 1,2448$/£ 1.17% above yesterday’s closing level.

Simultaneously, the pound the Euro rose to 1,1218€/£ 1.19 per cent as against the close of trading on 2 November.

In July 2016, after the victory in the referendum supporters of a British exit from the European Union, experts of Bloomberg admitted the pound is the worst currency in the world, noting the strongest since the beginning of the fall against the dollar.

In the following months the pound has continued to decline. Once at the beginning of October, Prime Minister Theresa may announced the intention to initiate the country’s withdrawal from the EU by March 2017, the pound plunged to the lowest in 30 years. October 7, 2016 the exchange rate of the British currency fell to $1,145, last time cheaper, the pound was worth in 1985, when the rate fell below $1.05.