Poklonskaya put Lenin and Hitler in a series of “monsters of the XX century”

The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya has put in a number of Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler, calling them “fiends of the twentieth century”, a post she has published in his blog in LiveJournal.

Apart from Lenin and Hitler to the list of “monsters” Poklonskaya has also made Leon Trotsky or Mao Zedong.

Later, the Agency “RIA Novosti” Poklonskaya said, labeling Lenin and Hitler in the same row, she was his personal opinion and not the position of colleagues in the “United Russia”. “We have the same freedom of speech. This is purely my personal opinion, my civil position. I’m not here to represent the public an opinion”, — said the Deputy.

Wednesday, November 2, Natalia Poklonskaya said that he had sent a request to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika asking to check the unfinished film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda” about Nicholas II and the ballerina Kschessinska. She clarified that the request was prepared on the basis that her name received verbal and written complaints. A day earlier, according to the newspaper Life, Polonskaya appealed to the representatives of the public movement “the Royal cross”. They asked the Deputy to inspect the film, considering that we are dealing with “anti-Russian and anti-religious provocation in the field of culture”.