Media: Turkey will finish building a wall on the border with Syria by the summer of 2017

MOSCOW, 3 Dec — RIA Novosti. Construction of a concrete wall on the border of Turkey with Syria to be completed in the first half of 2017, reports the Anadolu news Agency, citing a statement by the Turkish defense Minister Fikri Ichika.

According to Ichika, has completed the construction of 270 kilometers and began the construction of 200 kilometers of the remaining 520.

“Eighty-five kilometers of the border is a river (Tigris and Euphrates), to which we will apply other measures”, — quotes Agency the words of the head of the Turkish Ministry of defense.

Earlier, Anadolu reported on the completion of the construction of modular concrete wall with a length of 239 km. We have also taken other security measures on the border: installed observation towers, delivered additional staff, deployed a quick reaction force, mounted barbed wire with a length of 183 kilometres.

According to the Agency, over the past two years, the ban on crossing the Turkish-Syrian border has received 117,3 thousand men, was foiled 21.3 thousand attempts of illegal border crossing, detained 5.2 thousand violators.