Hackers broke into the website of the officials of Krasnoyarsk and named them loafers

KRASNOYARSK, November 3 — RIA Novosti. Hackers broke into the website of the municipal public institution “Management of roads, infrastructure and landscaping” (UDIB) Krasnoyarsk udib.ru leaving on the page the word “bums”. ADIB declares that the official website did not belong to them.

As of Thursday evening, a white page with nothing but this line.

The Management explained to RIA Novosti that know about the hacking incident, but the official website of the institution does not belong.

“Officially, the site is not Udiba. On the page in test mode really is area control, but officially it doesn’t belong to us. We have previously considered the site for the official information, but the owner was charged too high prices and from cooperation, we refused. According to our information, in September of this domain was sold,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

This is not the first incident with participation of Krasnoyarsk hackers. In July 2012 a 17 year-old resident of Zheleznogorsk using a personal computer using malware that attacked the website of the Russian President. According to the FSB of the region, 10 Jul 2012 with malware HOIC on the official website of the President of Russia was carried out by a massive attack from the territory of several subjects of the Russian Federation. As a result, the online resource was blocked for an hour.