Experts: Russia and the West is largely different global challenges

MOSCOW, 3 Dec — RIA Novosti. Russian society and the Western elite have a different understanding of global challenges, while ordinary society in the United States and in Europe also “tired” from imposing the elites in these countries own “agenda”. This opinion was expressed at a press conference in MIA “Russia today”, the world Russian people’s Council, summing up the past this week in Moscow XX ARNS.

According to the head of the expert center ARNS Alexander Rudakov, Russia and the West are United in a global civilization challenges and threats facing all of humanity, exist; and in respect of these challenges have a common understanding. Among the “common challenges” Rudakov called international terrorism, threats of nuclear proliferation and weapons of mass destruction in the hands of “destructive forces”, hunger and economic inequality in the third world and not only in them.

“There are differences: from our point of view, the global challenges of humanity are Christianophobia, revision of age-old moral origin, which date back to the biblical “Decalogue” — the “Decalogue” (the ten commandments – ed.), which are common to Christians, Muslims, Jews, and shared by the majority of Buddhists, Hindus and all religious mankind. This is a problem of the family — we see that the attack on the traditional family, and that is a challenge, because without the family a society, there is the atomized society, which is very easy to manipulate,” said Rudakov.

At the same time, the expert continued, for Western elites like the “distinctive” global challenges are an attack on freedom of speech and creativity, which in their understanding must not have any borders or tackling global warming.

“This difference in approaches to global challenges do exist between the us and Western elites, but we note that, in addition to the elites in the West, there are masses of religious people, people with traditional values — just those who do not want to integrate into this trendy “mainstream”, which is generated by the Western media; and they are with us a common understanding of these challenges,” concluded Mr. Rudakov.

A similar view was expressed by a member of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs and the Bureau of ARNS Elena Panina, who noted that society in the West “very tired” from imposing local elites own agenda.

“Today in Europe, in the United States, almost all countries of the world vividly feel tired companies from imposing a minority, even an absolute minority companies of its concepts and ideas, not associated with traditional moral, ethical, and Christian standards… People don’t take when imposed same-sex marriage when it has already been introduced in school curricula, in textbooks, when a confrontation is imposed, the pursuit of war, military conflict”, — said Panin.

“I have a lot to go abroad, and chat here in Russia, with people from different countries, representatives of different social strata, and almost all say they are tired of imposing such an agenda,” he added.

The world Russian people’s Council — an international public organization founded in 1993. The head of the ARNS is the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. Since 2005, the Cathedral was granted special consultative status at the UN.