The state Department denied that he had edited the letter to Clinton before publishing

WASHINGTON, 2 Jun – RIA Novosti. The U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby denied that the letter of the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton was edited before transmission to the Commission of inquiry.

“I’m not going to talk about the leaked documents… But what can I say — we try to do it very carefully, but it is permissible for the Agency to interact with former officials”, — said Kirby as part of the regular briefing in response to a question about new letters to the head of the campaign, Clinton John Podestà, which were published by WikiLeaks on Wednesday.

On specifying question, whether means it that the state Department edits quotes and gives instructions for the Clinton campaigns, and whether this practice, Kirby replied in the negative.

WikiLeaks, citing correspondence Podestà argues that the US state Department had edited the letter to Clinton before presenting them to the Commission for the investigation of the scandal. Last Friday the FBI announced the discovery of a new email Clinton on third-party devices and resumed the investigation.

Earlier it was reported that the team of the candidate in US elections of the Democrats were dissatisfied with the leaks to the media excerpts of the letters to Clinton and expected to mitigate the scandal by the publication of a more comprehensive correspondence. Members of staff believed that the source of the leak was a member of the Commission to investigate the scandal, and the information they provided was configured journalists against Clinton.

Clinton as Secretary of state led official correspondence via personal email server. The FBI in 2015-2016 conducted in connection with this investigation for possible leaks of classified information. After the inspection, the FBI has not found in actions of the Clinton crime, although it is established that about one hundred letters contained secret information. In the investigation of Clinton passed about 30 thousand letters with the personal server at the disposal of the state Department, but removed about 30 thousand, stating that they were of a private nature. After the FBI found more 14,9 thousands of e-mails, some of which concerned her professional life and not private life.

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