ROC said when the first doctor of theology

MOSCOW, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti. The first recognized government doctor in theology, which a year ago became a research specialty does not appear in the near future, said the rector of the Church postgraduate and doctoral studies (the INSTITUTE), Archpriest Vladimir Shmaliy.

“We have the very theology emerged as an academic specialty for less than one year ago. That is a very recent development. Therefore, there are no doctors of theology” — he said to held in Moscow scientific conference “Humanities in higher education: theory, practice, implementation.”

However, he noted that the state of the dissertation Council of theology, which awards academic degrees, now have.

“And moreover, they soon will be…. Will be awarded the degree of philosophy or history, and in parentheses will specify the “theology” (related subjects — ed.)”, — said the representative of the CMI.