Putin said that the funds in the social sphere should be spent rationally

NOVO-OGARYOVO, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti. Social services should not just consume resources, funds should be spent efficiently and effectively, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“Social services requires special attention, mean that it should not simply consume resources that the economy generates, and the resources should be spent rationally and effectively”, — Putin said at a meeting with members of the government on the implementation of messages in the social sphere.

The President proposed to summarize what has been said at the meeting to look closely at the gaps and shortcomings, and focus on eliminating them in the near future. “Let’s treat this more carefully and highly professionally and responsibly,” — said the President. He also urged not to lose the pace of work in these areas. Putin said that in the future he will discuss with the members of the Cabinet, execution of the messages in the part related to Economics.

“We will return to this, of course, because that’s what I said – the economy, in fact, is a source of solving problems in the social sphere”, — he said.