China will launch its most powerful rocket-carrier “Changzheng-5” 3 Nov

BEIJING, 2 Nov — RIA Novosti, Ivan Bulatov. Start the most powerful Chinese rocket-carrier “Changzheng-5” (“Great trip-5”) will be held on Thursday, November 3 afternoon, the newspaper Global Times.

Earlier it was reported that the launch will take place in November, but the exact date was not called. The start will be made from the spaceport Wenchang in Hainan province, where the missile was delivered in early September.

As reported by the State administration of China for science, technology and industry for national defense (SASTIND), the rocket uses non-toxic environmentally friendly fuel and has a highly stable control system.

As noted by the newspaper Global Times the first officer of the research center of the Chinese Corporation aerospace science and technology (CASC) Zhao, Shuanghui, the use for running liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as fuel is the best solution. “If the launch is successful, China will enter the era of environmentally friendly missiles,” he said.

“After starting “Changzheng-5” China will hold the start of a series of 20-ton missiles, including “Changzheng-6” and “Changzheng-7”, — told the head of the program “Changzheng-7” Wang Xiaojun.

“Changan -5” the most powerful booster of the new generation of China. Its height is 56,97-meter-diameter core stage — five meters. She is able to bring into low earth orbit 25 tons of cargo. The project on development of “Changzheng-5” was approved by the state Council of China in 2006.

Chinese scientists plan to 2020 in the framework of the Mars exploration withdraw using the carrier rocket “Changzheng-5” on a transitional orbit of Earth and Mars probe to study the red planet.