Builders significantly increased the supply of small apartments in Moscow


For the first ten months of the year 2016, the share of transactions with small apartments in the capital buildings was approximately 9% of total sales. It is 18 times higher than in 2014, when the housing area of 35 square meters accounted for only 0.5% of all transactions, calculated the experts of the Analytical center CYANOGEN. The number of transactions with apartments of small metric area over the past two years also increased significantly — from 21% to 36%.


In General, the square footage of transactions falls. The average area of sold apartments in new buildings of Moscow has fallen since the beginning of 2016 is 12%, up to 60 sq m, apartments — 18% to 47.9 sq. m, reported in the study of CYANOGEN. In this small apartment become smaller. If the average size of the ten smallest of apartments sold in Moscow in 2014, according to the Cyan, 34.9 sq. m, in 2015, it decreased to 26.7 sq. m, and in 2016 — and at to 22.1 sq. m.


Interviewed by RBC, the real estate market suggest that the share of small lots increases. The reason is that in a crisis, customers have significantly reduced the queries on the future housing area; at the same time, developers began to actively bring to market objects with a compact layout. They are offered by major players such as PEAK and Morton (this week they announced their Association), MR Group, “Leader invest”, “don-Stroy” and others.

Size matters

If small-sized housing is becoming more popular, large objects, by contrast, sold with difficulty. According to CYANOGEN, now under construction in Moscow is on sale about 30 apartments with an area of over 300 square metres over the ten months of 2016, no apartment of similar square footage sold was not. The record for this period 285-meter apartment in the residential complex “Setun Valley”. The largest area of sold apartments — 292 sq m (LC “Chekhov”).

Modest business class

Small deals have emerged and the new business class. “A few years ago in the projects of business class availability for apartments smaller than 40 sq m was out of the ordinary phenomenon, analysts say CYANOGEN. — Now in such projects include not only a Studio, but the Studio.” In particular, in LCD, “Symbol” (“donstroy”) and “Wonderland Park” (RUSH) for sale 38 and 31 apartments of 30 sq m and less, respectively, reported in Cyan.

Housing builders business class also optimize the offer with more modest means buyers by offering so-called Euroformat, when the living room combined with kitchen, says managing partner of “Metrium Groups” Maria Litinetskaya. The area decreases due to halls or dressing rooms, says Director of the analytical and consulting centre Est-a-Tet Vladimir Bogdanyuk.

Due to the shrinking of the middle class an alternative to the purchase of housing in residential areas, said the head of “IRN-Consulting” Tatiana Kalyuzhnova. A few years ago there was no such choice, all the proposals in the centre or within the Third ring was very expensive.

Head of Department of Analytics and consulting company “best new Building” Sergey Lobzhanidze noted that developers even began to specifically share the concept of “home business class” and “apartment of the business class.” In other words, if earlier the emphasis in promotion and advertising was made on the merits of the actual apartment, now the customer’s attention focuses on the quality of houses and infrastructure in General.