The surgeon asked to stop “stir up conflict” after the controversy with Raikin

The leader of the bike club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon)

The leader of the bike club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon) stated that he no longer wants to discuss the debate with the art Director of theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin. He said this “Газета.Ru”.

“I already said it all. I already don’t want to discuss this topic. I closed the doors. I have nothing to add, the topic is closed, Amen. And see whether they’ve heard of us cultural workers. I ask everyone to stop to ignite, and ignite this conflict no longer need,” — said Zaldostanov.

24 Oct Raikin at the seventh Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia encouraged “to speak clearly” about the closure of performances and exhibitions after the speeches, the activists, whom he called “little groups of offended people.” Artistic Director of “Satirikon” recalled “attack on art” and expressed concern that the authorities do not pay attention to people who break exhibitions and performances.

“These groups allegedly offended people who are close plays, close the show, very blatantly behave, which is very strange power neutral, distanciruemsa. I think that is an outrageous infringement on the freedom of creativity” — decoded speech Raikin edition of “Medusa”. “When the urine pour photos — is that the struggle for morality?” — asked the Director.

Zaldostanov criticized Raikin in conversation with the “National news service”. “The devil always tempts freedom, he said. — And under the guise of freedom of these Raikin want to turn the country into the gutter, where sewage would flow. To do nothing we will not, and I will do anything to protect us from American democracy.”

Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov expressed the hope that Zaldostanov apologize to Raikin. “The main issue in this whole discussion is a huge talent Raikin, which we treat with infinite respect. And I think that just bitch slapped this boy who insulted him. I hope he will apologize,” — said Peskov.

In a conversation with RBC biker said he was not going to give up their words. “I don’t like these shows, and from his words I do not refuse, and, moreover, I am not going to stand idly by. I will try to recapture the desire and ability to insult the faith, to insult the icons and put there these pedophiles,” said the Surgeon.

These words Peskov refused to comment. “I don’t want in any way to comment. I think it said all that needed to be said. Everything else is subject to scholasticism at the round tables,” he said.

Monday, October 31, the leader of the Ural cells “Night wolves” Mikhail Kaygorodov was involved in a controversy about censorship and culture started Raikin. Answering Peskov statement that “the devil made me the rider [the Surgeon] that insulted the actor,” Kaigorodov said that “before lecturing the leader of the Patriotic movement of Russia, it would be [sand] should perform the direct order of the President and the return of all family members home.”

Also Kaigorodov advised the official representative of the Kremlin “to take care of the change of American citizenship of their close relatives”. “After that, he can discuss the problems of the future of Russia and its cultural values. And now I do not see sense”, — concluded the leader of the Ural branch of the motorcycle club.

Peskov declined to comment on this statement. “I concluded the discussion on this topic and told you about it a few days ago. I have nothing to add,” said he.