In Smolensk have uncovered a Scam with a non-existent club

MOSCOW, 1 Nov – RIA Novosti. Police Smolensk has transferred in court criminal case of fraud with the sale of tickets to non-existent sports club, victims of the Scam became more than 250 people, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

“It is established that the accused asked the friend with the offer to open in Smolensk the club. It was a society with limited liability, hired managers, who began pre-selling tickets. Thus, the defendant did not intend to open the club and to provide any services,” she said.

According to police, the city was a wide-ranging advertising campaign, tickets were sold at attractive low price, with the purchase of season tickets for the entire family were given discounts. In the center of the city was a rented room at the club, on the building there was a bright sign his name.

As believes a consequence or companion of the accused, nor the hired managers were not aware of the real plans of the organizer. However, when it was sold tickets for a total of about 1.2 million rubles, the club never opened.

“The accused took the cash, spent it on his personal needs and disappeared. He was declared wanted and after some time arrested in a train EN route from St. Petersburg to Moscow”, — said the representative of the Ministry of interior.

The detainee was taken into custody. Victims in the criminal case at the time of referral to a court recognized 256 inhabitants of Smolensk. The investigatory part UMVD of Russia across the Smolensk region criminal case against the native of the city of eagle in the fraud committed in especially large size, referred to the court for consideration on the merits.