Grotowski will take to the court for consideration of an appeal against the withdrawal of counsel

S.-PETERSBURG, November 1 — RIA Novosti. Oktyabrsky district court of St. Petersburg on Tuesday ordered to deliver the accused of pedophilia priest Gleb Grozovsky to the court for consideration of his complaints of withdrawal of counsel, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the court.

Earlier it was reported that the investigator Alexander Gavrilov was removed from the case lawyer Grotowski Mikhail Utkin. Counsel submits that found people who gave the testimony, “showing the impossibility of committing the crime.” According to the lawyer, the investigator, after questioning these individuals removed him from participation in the case, stating that this testimony is “contrary to the position of the father of Gleb”. Complaints to the court asked the lawyer Utkin and the accused himself.

As announced Tuesday, judge Yury Shishkin, the court received a statement that accused the priest objected to the consideration of his complaint in his absence. The Prosecutor was supported by Grotowski. As stated by the judge, the next meeting should be provided with the attendance of the Complainant — accused Grotowski.

“The complaint to postpone on November 18 at the 10 hours,” announced the decision of the judge.

According to the lawyer Utkin, the withdrawal he was declared two days before the extradition, which occurred on 7 September. The investigator on 17 September in the presence of counsel in person then presented Grotovskogo charges. According to the lawyer Utkin and sisters of priest Grozovsky was charged not signed.

The investigative Committee of St. Petersburg Grozovsky accused in committing sexual abuse against three girls. One episode has occurred, according to the UK, in the summer of 2011 in the Orthodox children’s camp in Leningrad region, two in June 2013 on the island of KOs in Greece. 2013 Grozovsky decision of the Russian Orthodox Church removed from service in connection with the allegations. Earlier it was reported that on 17 September he was taken to the Petersburg jail after being extradited from Israel.