Experts: the level of training of the counselors is more important than the cost of the permit to camp

By the beginning of the autumn school holidays, many parents face a traditional question: in what camp to send the child, and how much it will cost the family budget? National Pathfinder on children’s recreation 2016/2017 will help parents to choose the most appropriate program for a seasonal vacation getaway for their children.

Anna Kurskaya, RIA Novosti

The project “Social Navigator” MIA “Russia today” with the support of regional Executive authorities of the Russian Federation has prepared an annual updated edition of the all-Russian Navigator on children’s recreation, which will help parents to choose the program fall, winter or spring vacation getaway for your child.

In Navigator this year included 348 programs, including 341 Russian, from 29 regions of the country and seven overseas, said the Manager of the project “Social Navigator” MIA “Russia today” Galina Bazina. “We conduct our survey for the fifth year in a row, and each time include a growing number of programs in the last year it has increased by almost a third. For each program provide to parents information about the date and place of the meeting, on the number of children and teachers, their main training camp and the expected result of these studies and the way of transportation, accommodation and food”, — she told RIA Novosti.

Navigator helps parents to select the program for your child, focusing on parameters such as the price, departure city, thematic focus, the presence of a pool environment for children with disabilities and persons with disabilities.

“Price” does not mean “quality”

According to the compilers of the Navigator, and the number of programs with travel abroad have recently been declining, but the organizers try to make the stay of children in Russia more interesting. “This season there were programs in which the participants will go to ski trips with dog teams, learn construction skills and crafts, learn the traditions of Russian hunting and much more,” — said Galina Bazina.

Contrary to the fears of many parents, the camps for students were not less available. Their value in the coming autumn-winter season remained approximately at the level of 2015 and the spring season fell, she said. “The average cost of the program in the spring of 2016 amounted to 22 thousand rubles, and in the spring of 2017 — about 16 thousand rubles,” — said Galina Bazina.

Unfortunately, the deterring price growth often comes at the expense of reducing the length of shifts and increase the number of children per teacher, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Board International public Fund “Russian peace Foundation”, member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Elena sutormina. “If earlier one counselor, on average, had two to four children, now up to eight. This has a negative impact both on children’s education and safety. Therefore, it is very important that a law was passed that will require people working with children to undergo special certification, and to meet certain requirements, parents could be calm for the life and health of their children,” she told RIA Novosti.

Strategic Director “Moscow” Natalia Losev believes that the quality of rest does not depend directly on its value. “It is a misconception that “the more the budget of the program, so it will be better”. The quality of the program depends on the selection and training of personnel – counselors, senior counselors, art Directors, programme managers and other”, — she told RIA Novosti.

Proper preparation, in its view, implies that the leader should go through not only basic training in the fundamentals of bogatstvo, but some training on their specific program and pass the exam. “For example, our counselors pass an exam for its programs, and a tutorial for each of them contains up to thousands of pages, because it includes a large amount of information — fiction and collections of facts. The leader should know hourly of each day, it should have wide erudition, to be able to interest the child the content of the programme and to be prepared for any question on the subject,” she said.

Often parents planning a holiday for a child, respond only to advertising, but programs, in promotion of which are invested, are more expensive, but not getting better, said Natalia Loseva. “I recommend parents start selecting programs of study Navigator, which will show all spectrum of offers in the market and will allow you to make the right decision. My colleagues and I consider this project extremely important for the entire industry and actively use them”, she said.

Heal or to teach?

Over the past year, among parents roughly doubled the demand for individual trips, about 40% increased interest in programmes aimed at General health and development of children, as well as to sports programs, said Elena sutormina. “I think that the fall, winter and spring sports programs can be the most popular. At the same time, today many parents pay attention to the possibility of obtaining additional education and skills for their children during the holidays,” she explained.

When choosing a camp, parents traditionally pay the highest attention to the safety and living conditions of children. However, the emphasis on the conditions of detention of students, generally correlated with the wealth of the families, said Natalia Loseva. “Parents from the middle class and above average demand high educational programs, leisure as such they are almost not interested. Less affluent parents care about different infrastructure details: what will be the food of the sea do is camp…” she said.

In her experience, today the most popular among parents use the programs which is connected with different types of work — integrated or specialized, dance, song, art and so on. There is a demand for sports programs. A growing interest in developing research and educational programs, including science, robotics, and programming. “Parents also began to show interest while not very common programs where the children are imparted the skills of needlework. As a rule, specialized or complex cooking programs, where the child learns to sew, to embroider, to shave, cook and even programming. In fact, today, on any type of program is a consumer and his demand,” — said Natalia Loseva.

In her opinion, it is important to overcome the popular stereotype that the children’s holiday camp is a “safe delivery, nutrition, sleep and entertainment” since all these things are important and required for your recreation totally inadequate. “Today, we are, first and foremost, I try to speak about the content of children’s activities, that child will receive for its development. Proper organization of leisure is a whole separate layer of psychology, pedagogy and sociology”, she concluded.