Books for November: new Pamuk novel and a collection of short stories by Haruki Murakami

MOSCOW, 1 Nov – RIA Novosti. A collection of short stories about love and loneliness of Haruki Murakami and another interpretation of the relations between the West and East of the Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk will appear among the new books of November.

“A small life”

On the wave of incredible popularity of thick novels that is difficult to fit in the bag, inconvenient to read on the subway, but it is impossible to leave the house, the publishing house Corpus prepared to leave a book “Little life” of Chania Yanagihara. Last season, the American writer almost became a winner of the Booker prize, but lost the championship to Marlon James, with his loose interpretation of the assassination attempt on Bob Marley.

“Little life” is the second novel Yanagihara (first in Russian and has not appeared). The story centers on four friends – a talented architect Malcolm, an aspiring actor Willem, artist J. B. and a brilliant jurist and mathematician Jude, who are trying to succeed in new York.

Yanagihara uncut talks about violence, children’s injuries and overcome them that makes the book pretty hard and incredibly poignant. Transfer the little life that fit into 700 pages, was engaged to Alexander Borisenko, Anastasia Zavazava and Victor Sonkin.

Customers in a bookstore

“Men without women”

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami was also in the verge of victory, however, larger: this year, the bookies put on him as the probable winner of the Nobel prize for literature but lost. As a consolation, the publishing house “Eksmo” will please fans of the Japanese author of a collection of short stories “Men without women”, which Murakami has released in 2014 after a long break.

Then, on this occasion, the bookstores of Tokyo have earned at midnight, so many fans were able to purchase the publication to the start of the day. The heroes of the six novels Murakami, among which “Drive my car”, “Yesterday”, “the Body without organs”, “Scheherazade”, “Movie” and “Men without women”, were men who for various reasons left the beloved woman.

“Redheaded woman”

Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk, who for many years introduces readers around the world with Istanbul and its surroundings (just search for “melancholic soul of his native city,” he received the award in 2006), has published a new novel, “the red-haired woman” last winter.

The protagonist of the book becomes a young student by the name of Jam Little Master, in love with the actress wandering the theater, a mysterious red-haired woman. Every night in a tent on the outskirts of the city, it tells the old tales and legends. Fatal love will not let go of Jam and 30 years later, and the outcome of the narrative recall the known myths of the West and the East. The book will be released in the publishing house “the Foreigner” in Apollinaria Avrutina.

The winner of the Nobel prize for literature, Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk

“History Of Russian State”

Boris Akunin, who has several years of experience in working on large-scale multi-volume project “History of Russian State”, has prepared the fourth volume of the series. The first volume – “From the origins to the Mongol invasion” – was released in November 2013, the second historical book in the series appeared a year later. Now the moon is ready to present to readers the fourth volume, entitled “Between Europe and Asia. The seventeenth century”.

The book is devoted to events of the time of Troubles, the mystery of the false Dmitry, the popular revolt and the accession of Ukraine. According to the author, in the seventeenth century should look for the roots of the actual problems right now. As with previous volumes, the new book includes historical texts, fiction and colorful illustrations. The publication deals with the AST.

First open meeting of the organizing Committee of the meeting on December 24

“How it works”

American Professor and expert in the field of atomic physics, condensed state physics and optics, Louis Bloomfield wrote a fascinating guide for physics for “dummies” called “How it all works. The laws of physics in our lives”. He undertook to explain to the readers why the lights are on, washing powder washes dirt, fly airplanes, and players reproduce music.

About all this, Bloomfield says most clear language. The book is published by the Corpus in translation Piscinas Yulia and Elena Alcinoe, and everyone will be able to meet the author during his stay in Moscow from 3 to 8 December.