The Ministry of Finance has decided to waive the requirement for social security number when you request credit history

The Ministry of Finance has developed a draft law that abolishes regulations on mandatory indication SNILS the citizen at the request of the credit history, writes “Kommersant”.

At this step the Ministry has gone in connection with the position of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR), which refused to provide banks with access to the full database SNILS.

Notice of the commencement of work on the bill posted on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

This provision has not yet entered into effect. It was introduced by the amended law in June 2014, but implementation was postponed until the beginning of 2017. In late September, “Kommersant” reported that Russia’s Central Bank is negotiating with the RPF on providing banks with access to insurance offer of personal accounts (SNILS).

“The position of the RPF is to ensure that the request is in the system of personal registration of the RPF must send the account holder, not a commercial organization”, — explained his position, then the representatives of the FIU.

From 1 January 2017 in Russia comes into effect a new provision of the law “On credit histories”. According to it, banks can request a credit history of a customer only when there is a social security number.

This remains the Bank receives the customer’s credit history without social security number. This is possible if the client has agreed to the inquiry in credit Bureau without social security number before the entry of the new standards in force (the consent is valid for two months from receipt or until the end of the end credits). Individuals can obtain information about SNILS in the personal Cabinet on the portal of state services, and then forwarded to the banks.