The Japanese shot down two women due to Pokemon Go, received a prison sentence

TOKYO, 31 Oct — RIA Novosti, Ivan Zakharchenko. The Japanese shot down two elderly women during a game in the Pokemon Go behind the wheel of a car, received a year and two months in prison by the decision of the court of the city of Tokushima on the Japanese island of Shikoku, the Agency Kyodo.

According to him, the Prosecutor demanded for it punishment in the form of imprisonment for one year and eight months.

Convicted 39-year-old farmer Keiji Goo was arrested in August after he hit two women, when they crossed the road. One of the women died, the other was seriously injured. The cause of the incident confessed that played in the Pokemon Go on a smartphone while driving.

Pokemon Go — free application, based on the technology of “augmented reality” — digital and real worlds are connected, since the picture displayed on the screen of the smartphone, is projected onto the location of the real world. One of the main objectives of the game is to catch pokemon (Pocket Monster — “pocket monster”) is forced to take to the streets, parks, beaches many people are completely absorbed by this process.

Experts warned that the game can lead to injuries or robbery in the real world. Russian banks are even offered to protect yourself from injury while playing. In addition, one of the veterans of the Russian special services did not rule out that the app can be used for spying. The assistant to the Russian Prime Minister Gennady Onishchenko expressed fear that the game can seriously affect the psyche.