Media: in Larnaca airport for assaulting the police arrested two Russians

ATHENS, 31 Oct — RIA Novosti, Gennady Melnik. Two of the Russians — 61-year-old mother and 23-year-old daughter — were arrested on Sunday night at Larnaca airport for refusing security screening and assaulting a police officer in the line of duty, according to the publication

According to police, around 20.00 at Larnaca airport during the Luggage check, the mother and daughter departing from Cyprus, began to shout and raised a fuss. Police on duty tried to explain to the women that checking Luggage is necessary for security, but they attacked the police and was arrested.

In addition to attacks on police officers in the performance of official duties of the Russians charged with resistance.

On Monday, women deliver in the district court of Larnaca.