Skater Medvedeva brought Russia the first gold of the season in the Grand Prix

MOSCOW, 30 Sep – R-Sport, Elena Dyachkova. Russian woman Evgenia Medvedeva won the second stage of Grand Prix, held in Canada, conclusively proving that still is a contender for all possible trophies this season. Gold 16-year-old skater became Russian team the only medal won on the canadian stage in MISSISSAUGA.

Medvedev did not leave the opponent no chance either in the short or in arbitrary programs. For the execution of the first, which in the story, she says goodbye to childhood, the current world champion received from the judges 76,24 points. By the way, the world record in the short program still listed behind the Japanese Mao Asadas and is 78,66 points, and, judging from the start, the Russian quite on forces to beat this achievement in the course of the season.

The second after the first day of competition was canadian Caitlin Osmond that has grown in the offseason and on stage, the judges gave her a score of 74.33 USD. The third place was occupied by the world champion-2015 Russian Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (66,79), pleased the fans of the net rental. Triple Axel, the audience never saw, but at a press conference Tuktamysheva said that at practice on Friday already made the jump, and it may appear in its programme for the next competition.

If Tuktamysheva short program she called “a step forward”, that random hasn’t been so flawless. Skater ripped off the first cascade, after completing only one triple toe loop, and then made a “butterfly” on the double Axel. In the end, Tuktamysheva in a random rental was only fifth (121,20), and the sum of the two programs ranked fourth (187,99), skipping to the third line Japanese girl Satoko Miyahara (192,08). Osmond, though, and fell on a triple rittberger and tore cascade, but before the ice Medvedeva, was still a leader, surpassing GM 200 points (206,45).

Medvedev won for arbitrary program 144,41 points and flaws the judges saw her except netocrat on the double Axel. The sum of the two rentals, the leader of the Russian team scored 220,65 points. “I think that all is not right, and I will work harder, but I’m happy, because today I am the first,” — said Medvedev at a press conference. The next stage of the Grand Prix she will spend in Paris, and Tuktamysheva in Beijing.

Kawaguchi and Smirnov without medals

YUKO Kawaguchi and Alexander Smirnov in his opening Grand Prix became only the fifth. Athletes, who due to serious injury of your partner missed last season’s European and world Championships, took fifth place after the short program, to which Kawaguchi made a fall on a triple toeloop. For rental the Duo received from the judges 64,40 points. In random, in which the skater fell again on the same jump, Kawaguchi and Smirnov were the sixth (of 118.35), and the sum of the two programs finished fifth (182,75). The next stage, which will perform a pair of, will be Beijing (November 18-20).

The winners of stage in MISSISSAUGA and became the world Champions the last two years, Canadians Megan Duhamel/Eric Radford. The pair coped brilliantly with the performance in the short program (78,39), and, though not able to avoid mistakes and drops in a random box, but kept the lead and won with a big advantage, gaining 218,30 points. The second were the Chinese Yu Xiaoyu and Zhang Hao (202,08), the third — one more representative of canadian Love ilushechkina and Dylan Moskovich (190,22).

Figure skaters YUKO Kawaguchi and Alexander Smirnov at the Grand Prix Skate Canada

Chan won the Han

The only Russian in the singles competition in MISSISSAUGA Alexander Petrov in the short program made a mistake on a triple Axel and took eighth place (71,50), and the arbitrary became the sixth (152,89) and seventh in total (224,39).

Rivalry for the victory is expected between the gold and silver medalists of the Olympic games in Sochi Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu and canadian Patrick Chan, respectively. Both are not without mistakes in the short program. World champion yuzuru Hanyu not dokrutili and fell with rittberger quads, Salchow and came just a triple, and from the judges, he received of 79.65 points, finishing in fourth place. Chan fell off a triple Axel, scored 90,56 points and took the lead.

In arbitrary, the Han suffered a fall from the same quadruple of rittberger, and all other elements were on top, becoming a winner – 183,41 points. Chan fell from a quadruple a Salchow right there – 176,39 points and second place in a random distribution, but the sum of the two programs, leadership is all already held the canadian with 266,95 points against 263,06 points from the Han. The third was another representative of Canada’s Kevin Reynolds (245,06).

The stage winners of the Skate Canada Grand Prix of figure skating

Virtu and moir began with a win

Return to the Grand Prix Olympic Champions of Vancouver Virtu Tessa and Scott Moira was successful, the Canadians were the winners of the home stage, though not without difficulty. Winning the short dance, arbitrary, they still lost to the Americans Madison chock and Evan Bates. The sum of the two programs with the advantage of less than one point, was the first canadian Duo, who scored 189,06 points. The Americans got 188,24. The third was another canadian couple Piper Gilles/Paul Poirier (182,57).

Virtu Tessa and Scott Moir perform a free program at the Grand Prix Skate Canada

Russians Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin in MISSISSAUGA became the fifth in the short program, the judges evaluated their performance on 68,12 points, and in a random dance to 99.98. The total amount in the account of the bronze medalist of European championship-2015 168,10 points. Your next step Stepanova and Bukin will hold in Beijing.

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin in training free dance at Skate Canada

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