For road repairs in 2017, the regions will get 30 billion rubles.

In 2017 to repair roads in the regions will be allocated 30 billion rubles, said Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov, reports “Interfax”. The money will go to support the program “Safe and high-quality roads”

“According to the decision of the presidential Commission, and this project was approved by the President, funding was increased to 30 billion rubles,” — said Sokolov.

The Minister also announced that 15 Metropolitan areas of the country with population of 800 thousand people, a million and above will receive “a billion support.” About 19 agglomerations with a population of 500 thousand people will receive the “700 million rubles,” Sokolov added.

Earlier it was reported that the project was not included Moscow and St Petersburg. In September, Maxim Sokolov reported that this is due to the fact that the process of road network development there “has already arranged,” passed “Interfax”. Therefore, the quality of the roads in these cities “in the regulatory state is significantly higher than the capitals of any designated entity, where there are million-plus cities”.