In the United States believe that the Baltic States will not stand against Russia and 36 hours

MOSCOW, October 28 — RIA Novosti. In the case of an alleged conflict with NATO, Russia will need a total of 36 hours to capture the Baltic countries, and not 60 as reported earlier, writes the Independent, citing a study by the RAND Corporation related to the US army.

As noted in the report, in the framework of the military exercises simulated attack by Russia and the seizure of the three Baltic States “Crimean scenario”, after which the experts had to reassess their own forecasts.

“The result was an absolute disaster for NATO,” the document says.

Analysts came to the conclusion that the current NATO troops in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, much too small to “contain” Russia, and only provoke it “military aggression.”

In this regard, the RAND experts proposed three scenarios in which the Baltic States can act in case of capture. First, they can conduct a counter-offensive and liberate some cities, and secondly, to try to influence Moscow through threats and, thirdly, to surrender in the short or medium term. However, as the authors of the study, the first two options can lead to nuclear conflict, and the latter will lead to a protracted “cold war”.

In February, analysts at RAND published a report which claimed that Russia in the event of an attack could reach the capitals of the Baltic countries for 60 hours. Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is not planning to attack anyone in NATO know this, but use the excuse to place more troops at the Russian border.