The Central Bank revoked the licenses of three banks

The building of the Bank of Russia in Moscow

Thursday, October 27, the Central Bank announced the withdrawal of licenses from three Russian banks — the Moscow Bestinternet and Entusiasmanti and Krasnodar Kuban universal Bank.

The decision to revoke the license of Westintertrans the Bank of Russia explained the failure of Federal laws regulating banking activities, as well as the presence of real threat to interests of creditors and depositors. “In terms of placement of funds in assets of low quality Westintertrans inadequately assessed in connection with these risks, says Bank of Bank of Russia order of October 27. — The management and owners of the credit institution did not take effective measures on normalization of its activity”.

Moscow Enthusiastsand has lost the licence in connection with default of requirements of the law and statutory acts of Bank of Russia. “With a poor quality of assets of IKB “Entusiastisk” OOO inadequately assessed risks”, — is spoken in the message of the Central Bank about the decision on that Bank. Separately noted that Enthusiastsand did not comply with the requirements of the legislation in the field of combating the legalization of income obtained by criminal means and financing of terrorism.

Both Moscow Bank deprived of the license, are participants of system of insurance of contributions.

Krasnodar Kuban universal Bank remained without the license, as stated in the third report of the Central Bank, because “placed funds in low-quality assets and had not established appropriate risk provisions for possible losses”, while the management and owners of Bank have not taken measures on prevention of bankruptcy and normalise its activities. Kuban universal Bank included into the Deposit insurance system.

All three banks appointed interim administration.

The total assets of Westintertrans on October 1, 2016 489 took place in the Russian banking system, Enthusiastsand — 608-e, Kuban universal Bank — 377-e a place, is told in the message of the Central Bank.

After the arrival of Elvira Nabiullina to head the Central Bank, the regulator revoked the licenses of more than 280 banks. In the fall of 2016 license lost three banks that were included in the first hundred — Rosinterbank, Finprombank and Military-industrial Bank. From mid-October for banking supervision in the Central Bank meets first Deputy Chairman Dmitry Tulin.

The Agency on insurance of contributions reported the occurrence of 27 October 2016 insurance case in respect of these credit institutions. In the DIA indicated that all three banks are participants of system of obligatory insurance of deposits and, therefore, each depositor has the right to receive in established periods of insurance compensation.

The size of payments to one investor indicated in the message, in the aggregate, shall not exceed 1,4 million rubles. “Payments will begin no later than 10 November 2016. Before the specified date the Agency will publish in the local press and placed on the website of ASV on the Internet the official announcement of place, time, form and procedure for applications for payment of compensation on deposits”, — stated in the message of ASV.