Near Khabarovsk the miner scrape on the back after the meeting with the tiger

KHABAROVSK, October 26 — RIA Novosti. Worker mining companies in the Khabarovsk region was found in the taiga the road with the tiger, who tore the hood from his jacket, scratched his back and about 10 minutes did not give the car miner to travel by road, according to the website of Komsomolsk reserve.

According to the website, the event took place on October 22 in Verkhnebureinsky district, region, where it’s already snowing. Employee Dmitry Bochkarev failed to call for a recovery in area of brook Forest and got out of the car to put on wheel chains.

“I was just about to put the chain on the last wheel, when something snagged and pulled me back. Right next to him I saw the face of the tiger, which is unlikely to ever be able to forget. Fortunately, he immediately released me and slid into a ditch beside the road” — are in the message of the word Disaster.

It is noted that returning to the car, the miner was going to leave, but tiger blocked the road and about 10 minutes was not given a car to drive. At this time the man managed to take some photos and shoot the predator on video. When meeting with a tiger Bochkarev escaped with a small scratch on the back. “Tiger probably was just playing with me. Brought to memory the hood from the jacket” — he joked.

According to experts of the nature reserve, the habitat of the Amur tiger in Khabarovsk Krai is gradually moving to the North-West. “Most likely described a tiger – a young male. For young individuals characterized by a desire to expand the boundaries of his territory. People tigers rarely attack. Most likely, the predator is just scared of the unwanted rival from its territory”, — quotes the website words of the employee of sector of monitoring of the branch “Komsomol” Vadim Bobrovsky.

It is noted that in the near future to the miners coming hunters that will gather more data on the Amur tiger and will tell people how to behave when meeting with a predator.