Italy threatened to block the EU budget.

The Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi

The Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi said that the country will not be able to take the same number of migrants, and in 2016, threatening to veto the adoption of the EU budget, if the countries of Eastern Europe will not increase the quota for refugees. About Renzi said in an interview with RAI, Reuters reports.

In particular, Renzi opposed the payments from EU funds to countries that refuse to help Greece and Italy, who took hundreds of thousands of migrants over the past three years.

“Italy will not stand another year like this,” said Renzi. He noted that the stream of arrivals must be reduced by March, without specifying what happens if it is reduced.

Words of Condolence also leads the Italian newspaper Repubblica. “The Monti government [former Italian Prime Minister] agreed that we have contributed to the budget 20 billion and received 12 billion, but if Hungary and Slovakia read our morals, using our money, and then not helping with immigrants, it’s not good,” said Renzi.

From Friday to Sunday, the Italian coast guard spent more than 6 thousand rescues at sea. The number of arrivals in Italy of refugees has reached 155 thousand for the year 2016. The same arrived last year. In 2014 in Italy came 170 thousand workers, reports Reuters.