Expert: Americans are losing trust in the media and are looking for alternative sources

MOSCOW, 26 Oct — RIA Novosti. A growing part of the American public is losing confidence in the local media and appealed for information to other sources to make an objective opinion, said the Agency Sputnik a former adviser to the Republican party in the U.S. Senate Jim Jatras (Jim Jatras).

According to him, the last time millions of Americans began to “conduct on the basis of information received, independent comparison on the basis of the samizdat or foreign alternative media sources, such as Sputnik, or even rumors to approximately guess where the truth lies,” the Agency reports.

According to Jatras, some pretty major media is not just government support for circles, but have become their integral part.

As told the news Agency political commentator John Walsh (John Walsh), the American media are “highly prone to self-censorship.”

“A significant problem is that the major media almost completely seized control over the political discourse, because of what he becomes, to put it mildly, extremely one-sided against Hillary Clinton. And the rest of the self-censorship is aimed at in order not to alienate colleagues,” said Walsh.