McFaul called Wikileaks Russian “foreign agent”

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul called Wikileaks Russian “foreign agent”. He also called for an end to refer to the website as a news resource. This McFaul wrote on his Twitter page.

“Can people cease to refer to Wikileaks as a news organization. They are foreign agents, supported by Russia and publishing stolen data,” said the former US Ambassador to Russia. Replica McFaul on Twitter have responded representatives of the website. “WikiLeaks is an award-winning independent media organization fully funded by its readers and sales from books and movies,” — said in the official account of the organization. Later, McFaul added that he knows many people are afraid to criticize Wikileaks for fear of “being hacked their suppliers”.

Earlier American authorities repeatedly accused Russia of cyber attacks on websites of political parties and organizations, as well as interference in the internal politics of the country. 20 Oct candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton said that the Russian government is engaged in espionage against the US, hacking sites and mailboxes of Americans and sends the data to WikiLeaks. The next day on the portal WikiLeaks was first published electronic messages that were sent and received by the current U.S. President Barack Obama from one of the strategists of the Democratic party of the United States John Podestà, and on Saturday, October 22, WikiLeaks has appeared correspondence between the Podestà and the head of the election headquarters of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

On the same day, WikiLeaks urged its supporters to stop cyber attacks on the United States. “Mr. Assange is alive, and WikiLeaks continues to publish. We ask the supporters to stop attacks on the U.S. Internet. You’ve made your point,” — stated in the message published in Twitter-account of the organization.