Lavrov called the terms of the renewal of the “Turkish stream” to Europe

MOSCOW, 25 Jul — RIA Novosti. Russia is ready to extend the line of the pipeline “Turkish stream” to Europe after receiving EU assurances this project, said at a meeting with members of the Association of European businesses in Moscow, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“Russia and Turkey signed an intergovernmental agreement on the Turkish stream, which provides for, including the construction of a gas pipeline while the one thread, in Europe, in particular Greece,” he said.

The Minister added that “after the failure of the “South stream” will be ready to extend this thread into the EU only after receiving explicit, official, on paper, guarantees for the implementation of this project.”

The project “Turkish stream” Russia and Turkey on 10 October signed an intergovernmental agreement, which involves the construction of two threads of the main gas pipeline under the Black sea. The capacity of each line will total of 15.75 billion cubic meters of gas.

The first line is provided to supply gas directly to the Turkish market, the second — for the supply of gas transit through Turkey to European countries. The agreement also specified a deadline by which must be built the two sea thread, it is December 2019.

“Turkish stream.” Infographics