The parliamentary elections in Lithuania won the “Union of farmers and greens”

VILNIUS, October 24 — RIA Novosti. The parliamentary elections in Lithuania, according to preliminary estimates of votes won by the party “Union of farmers and green Lithuania”, which won 54 seats, said Monday on the official website of election Commission of Lithuania.

“The party “Union of farmers and green Lithuania” under the leadership of Ramunas Karbauskis, according to preliminary data of counting of votes in the 1922 counties, secured 54 seats,” — said in the message.

Due to the fact that two candidates were elected as independent candidates, however, were inscribed in the list of candidates in multi-member districts, the candidates from the party “Union of green and peasants of Lithuania,” in the new Parliament the party has 56 seats.

According to the Commission, the party “Union of Fatherland — Christian Democrats” Gabrielius Landsbergis 31 seats in Parliament, the Social democratic party under the leadership of incumbent Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius scored 17 mandates.

It is also noted that “Movement liberals” 14 mandates and eight mandates of the “Electoral action of poles in Lithuania – the Union of Christian families” and the party “Order and justice”. Due to the fact that from the “Order and justice” in the constituency was won by the independent candidate, the party has nine mandates. Two seats in the Parliament of the “labour Party”, one of the “green Party”, “Party center” and the “Lithuanian list”.

In the legislature of the Republic 141, which are claimed by 12 parties, two blocks and 26 independent candidates. Deputies are elected for four years. The country has a mixed electoral system: 71 members are elected in single-mandate constituencies and 70 — in the multi-member. The first round of elections in single-mandate constituencies took place on 9 October, the candidates elected on party lists.

According to the electoral Commission, after the first round of parliamentary elections the party leader “the Union of Fatherland — Christian Democrats”, which scored 21,66% of the vote. For this party secured 20 seats in Parliament. The second is “the Union green and peasants” — 21,55% of the vote and 19 seats. In third place is the Social democratic party, which won 14,43% of the vote and gets 13 seats in Parliament. “The liberal Movement” of 9.04% of the votes, the party gets eight seats in the Parliament, “the Electoral action of poles in Lithuania — the Union of Christian families” — 5,49% and five seats, the party “Order and justice” voted of 5.33% of the voters, gets five seats.

In accordance with the Constitution of Lithuania, in addition to legislative activities, the most important function of the diet is the formation of a government. Traditionally, the President proposes as Prime Minister the leader received the highest voter support of the party. Then the Prime Minister forms the Cabinet of Ministers.