The IOC confirmed that the allocated grant and gave the work of Stepanov

MOSCOW, 24 Sep — R-Sport, Veronica Stolbunova. Informant world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Yulia Stepanova has received a grant from the international Olympic Committee (IOC), and her husband, a former employee of RUSADA Vitaly Stepanov, a consultant for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) anti-doping matters, this was done in order to help them in their future career, told “R-Sport” in the press service of the IOC.

Stepanova (maiden name Rusanova) in 2013 was disqualified for two years for doping. Julia and her husband Vitaly were the main informants for the film German TV channel ARD on the use of doping Russian athletes, which led to the investigation of WADA and the consequent suspension of Russian athletes from the 2016 Olympics. Currently, Stepanov with a young son living in North America. Earlier edition Inside the games reported that the IOC has promoted spouses career.

“We can confirm that the IOC President was able to meet with Yulia and Vitali Stepanovym in September. After the decision of the Executive Committee, which was adopted in July, the IOC has offered to help them in their careers. After the pair contacted the IOC, Yulia Stepanova had received financial assistance, and other help so she could pursue a career athletes. Vitaly Stepanov will provide the IOC Advisory services on all aspects of the doping control and protection of clean athletes,” said “R-Sport” in the press service of the organization.

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