State support has allowed to create in Russia a new generation of animators

MOSCOW, October 24 – RIA Novosti. Today the Russian animation is in good shape, in recent years this trend has received strong support from the state, thereby creating a new generation of animators who get prizes around the world, announced at a press conference on Monday, the program Director of Big cartoon festival Dina Goder.

“I think that today the Russian animation is in good shape. The last years of the Russian animation poured a lot of money. Russian animation is done almost exclusively on state support. We have become much better teaching, new school. A new generation of animators – people who take prizes around the world,” she said.

According to Goder, now the animation is one of the advanced arts, because it brings together cinema and high-tech art. Fashion animation developing, creates a large number of paintings that adults and children can watch together. Guests 10th anniversary film, which opens in Moscow on 27 October, will be able to assess a wide variety of animated films.

The organizers of the show announced that Big animation festival, viewers will see approximately 400 of the animation pictures in unique programs for audiences of all ages. The competitive program of festival consists of such blocks as “Winners”, which will show foreign films with good festival history, “Premiere”, which will show a new Russian short films and “Young Russian animation” with the student and debut films. In addition, the festival will present a special program of documentary and Comedy animation.

“We love it, we want to share that love with other people. I love the animation, miscellaneous, and adult and child, sad and cheerful, like complicated technology and just painted. This could be a cool movie with a gorgeous script and paradoxical development. I want to share. We give a lot for free, because we have a good reputation. We do not sell, do not spoil, do not spread in the network, the circle animation is incredibly expanding. A pretty serious Studio, I am glad that will be taken to our festival”, — said Goder.