Russian figure skaters have taken from Chicago awards, which are not welcome

MOSCOW, 24 Sep — R-Sport, Anatoly Samokhvalov. The first stage of the Grand Prix of the season-2016/17 Skate America ended with the Russian skaters the results which usually characterize the workers, the medalists had hoped for more.

The Russians in Chicago took two prizes: Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov won bronze in competitions of sports pairs, although they considered the clear contenders for the gold, similar honours reached the dance pair Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev.

Powerful and energetic ilinykh and Zhiganshin

Dancing on ice the domestic audience waited with special interest. For the first time on the ice in an official tournament came Elena ilinykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin. In the short program, they looked pretty aggressive and satanna, took 4th place, behind Bobrova/Soloviev (2nd place after the short dance) a little more than 2 points. In a random Indian theme ilinykh and Zhiganshina on music from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” looked, according to preparing their coach Igor Shpilband, “powerfully and energetically compared to other programs.”

“I believe that after a long break, Lena and Ruslan were very vigorously. In my opinion, for a first start, they skated very well, ‘ said Shpilband, believes that the pair “will of course need to work out the elements – spins and supports”.

In the end, ilinykh/Zhiganshin were the fifth (165,16), behind the Italians, Giner Charlene/Fabbri Marco, and Bobrova and Soloviev – third (174,77), losing second place to the Americans Madison Hubbell/Zachary Donohue (175,77).

“Not to say that we are very happy with the result. Worked, so to speak, on another level, — said Bobrov, surprised lower levels on the track during the Blues. — It is unclear why the low “level” was in the Blues, we will learn from technical experts to understand work to do and what to improve. But for us it was a surprise, because the I. T. guys came to see us training and they were all satisfied with our Blues.”

“The home stage we need to ride is what we strive for,” shared spirit bronze medalist of European championship 2016, which will act as a partner in the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix, scheduled for November 4-6. The first position in Chicago, it seems, was not discussed in Maia and Alex Shibutani of the United States gathered 185,75 points.

The Failure Of Tarasova/Morozov

In pair skating Tarasova and Morozov seemed to have kept in his bosom the gold medals at the Chicago tournament, as the level of riding surpassed and the teams, and with the complexity of the programs of the Russians was preferable, and finally the advantage after the short program (almost +8 points over closest pursuers) allow hard to rely on the highest step of the podium.

But first, it is a signature element of the Duo — Quad twist, ended with falling. As a result, for this element Tarasova and Morozov received the second difficulty level instead of the third, continuous “-3” in the GOE (Grade of Execution), and about three and a half points loss. After Tarasova has not performed a triple Salchow and it was counted as only a single turn.

To honour of Russians, they are on the “plus” coped with the triple Salchow release, but sdoyle the first and second coats in the cascade of three jumps, having a very “cheap” item on the “minus” (at the tournament in Bratislava, the pair also ruined this combination, but then triple toe loop was scored), and then met again on a triple loop release.

In the end, Tarasova/Morozov have lost about 18 points compared to last start and lost themselves, finishing in 5th place in the free program and 3rd in total (185,94 points). The victory was won by the Canadians Julianne SEGUIN/Charlie Bilodeau, who are not very clean triple twist, a cascade of “3-2”, the two emissions on the hill “minus” ahead of the Russians by more than 11 points (197,31). The second – the Americans haven Denny/Brandon Frazier (192,65). Another Russian Duo of Kristina Astakhova/Alexei Rogonov took the fifth place (174,52).

Bell Harutyunyan

Women’s single skating was won by coach Rafael Arutyunyan. And if his experienced student silver medalist of the world championship in Boston Ashley Wagner just confirmed your level, taking the final first place (196,44), the victory of any of his 20-year-old skater Mariah bell, which is the highest achievement in the domestic League was 6th place, which recently lost in Bratislava, even dismantled Yulia Lipnitskaya, came unexpected. Great bell surpassed Wagner in skating (almost 10 points in arbitrary), but lost in the second estimate. With all the ease of sliding smooth hands and the elements seemed not to the end piece together. In the end, bell won a silver medal (191,59). Third is Japanese Mai Mihara (189,28).

The Russian Serafima Shanovich kept conventional superiority in the second workout, finishing in 7th position at his debut stage adult Grand Prix (163,84). If Seraphim did your fine cascade “triple flip-oyler-triple flip”, it still would not have pushed the line above the three-time world champion Mao Asada (176,78). But instead of the planned cascade Shanovich hardly played only one flip, and the rest a combination of “hitched” to the next Lutz.

Out came triple Lutz with a nedokruchennym oyler and only a double flip. The “minus” GOE was impressive, but 7.10 SIM score for this element to work. By the way, the vaunted bell to triple flip and oyler joined only a double Salchow. Easy “minus”.

Get Kovtun

“Make yourself!” — inspired coach Inna Goncharenko current Russian champion Maxim Kovtun before the start of the short program. The apprentice puffed out her cheeks and exhaled air. Focused. But on the ice Kovtun was, alas, familiar. Did not give him the necessary confidence and well executed cascade of quadruple and triple a Salchow right there coat. The second quadruple toeloop left “butterfly”, dual, and left the skater without the element as a jump in two turns in the short program, after he received a dash instead of Axel in three and a half turns.

The last place of Kovtun in the short moved to seventh overall (230,75) through the pure performance of the quadruple toe loop and a Salchow right there in random. Failed Maxim only triple Lutz. Sergei Voronov played one of the two quadruple toe combination in both programs and was on the fourth position (245,28). “The rental was very worthy, inspirational” — summed up the happy crows.

One of the favorites of the stage, the Chinese Jin boyang made on the “plus” only two quadruple jump, including Lutz is arbitrary, but settle for fifth place (245,08) and are unlikely to qualify for the Finals series. The first step to the Grand Prix Final made Japanese Soma UNO, in Chicago, becoming the winner (279,34). The second step he tries to do in Moscow on 4-6 November.

Already in the short program of UNO, the first element has performed a quadruple flip. In addition to his world this is one of two, along with the Lutz “hops of the future” carries a young American Nathan Chen. At the start of the season the Catfish makes the flip a little better than Nathan, “minus” in short, he received, apparently, for not on time put your left leg upon landing, but in an arbitrary flip was clean. Second and third places were taken by Americans Jason brown and Adam Rippon, who scored 268,38 and 261,43 points respectively.

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