Kommersant learned about the evaluation of “protest potential” in the Russian universities

In Russian universities the program is conducted according to the “protest potential” of students and professors. This was at the Congress of Pro-rectors for educational work, said the head of the Institute for strategic studies and projections at the PFUR Nikita Danuk, reports “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, Danik together with colleagues has developed a program “scenarios for the future of Russia”, which is a series of educational lectures “concerning counteraction of destructive political forces.” For two years the employee PFUR visited with her for about 50 universities of the country, where he urged students to freely Express their point of view on political issues. According to him, the main goal of such verification, — evaluation of the “protest potential” of students and teachers.

Danik noted that the results of the checks were “drawn up reference for official use only”. Including “for the representatives of state authorities, as well as certain specialized agencies”, adds Kommersant.

“Unfortunately, at the level of the faculty is not open, but did not hesitate, is destructive propaganda of anti — state ideas,” said Danik.

He also noted that “destructive political technologies” the company is exposed to “during an election cycle.”

Most checks Danuka took place in the capital’s universities. However, he noted that “protest potential is shifted to the regions.” In this regard, he appealed to the representatives of regional universities to organize events at their institutions.