The country of America expressed concern about the suspension of the referendum in Venezuela

MEXICO city, October 23 – RIA Novosti. At least 12 American States was made on Saturday a statement its concern about the suspension of the process of collecting signatures for a referendum on the termination of powers of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.

Last Thursday, the courts of five States of Venezuela unexpectedly annulled the results of the first stage of collecting signatures, which had previously been recognized by the national electoral Council (CNE) is valid, without which the second phase is impossible. So now the issue was in limbo and collecting signatures indefinitely postponed.

Their signatures under the document was signed by Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, according to the Argentine foreign Ministry.

“Paralysis of the process (of the referendum) and the decision of the judicial authorities of Venezuela to prevent the departure of the country’s main opposition leaders threaten the ability to establish a dialogue between the government and the opposition, which would ensure a peaceful exit from the critical situation being experienced by the brotherly country”, — said in a statement.

American signatories to a document called the political forces of Venezuela to initiate a national dialogue with the participation of mediators, which will give the opportunity to find a solution in favour of democracy and social stability in the country.

The second stage of collecting signatures was scheduled for October 26-28. It is important for the opposition to hold a referendum in 2016. In case it is held after 10 January 2017, even with the positive response of Venezuelans on the issue of termination of powers of the Maduro presidency for the remaining two years is the current Vice-President. If the plebiscite will be held before, then, according to the Constitution, must be held new elections.

Informed the electoral authorities of Venezuela stated that in the current year, the organization of such a referendum is impossible.