Take dispersal: post-Olympic TH track brought Russia three gold

SAINT-QUENTIN-EN-YVELINES (France), 23 Oct — R-Sport, Veronica Gimadieva. Russian athletes won five medals at the recent French Championships for track Cycling.

The gold Russian team brought git (Daria Shmeleva), team sprint (Shmeleva and Anastasia voynova) individual sprint men (Paul Yakushevsky). Also on the bill Voinova bronze in the Gita and silver in the individual sprint in women.

Life after Rio

Shmelev and Voynov to this championship especially not summed up. First started on qualification the championship of Russia, and the second and completely missed this tournament. But already in his first appearance the team brought medals: Shmeleva has won the gold in the Gita, and Voynov, which is not “released” machine, was third. In the team sprint, the Russians won the class.

“We decided to experiment — she put on the first position, and for the second that came easier today,” said Shmeleva.

The warriors still had to start in Carine and individual sprint. In the final Carina it is not broke, but continued to fight for the medals Tatyana Kiseleva, who came second wheel with a violation of the rules of attack — in the end sixth place.

In the individual sprint Voynov made it to the final in two races lost to Simone Krupeckaite from Lithuania. “The season is over, actually was completed after the Olympics. This championship was also the pull-in point, a work that combined the pleasant with the useful. Physically tired, because they are not in shape, but mentally it’s easier to go: task no, there is no pressure, went with a positive attitude,” admitted the Russian.

Heavy 2016

The championship was visited by the prize-winner of Olympic games in the individual sprint Denis Dmitriev, however, the gold still went to the Russian team. Even in qualifying Paul Yakushevsky showed a very quick second, could only watch how the outcome for him full-time opposition in pairs.

In the race for the gold he was supposed to meet with German Eric Engler, but he was demoted to bronze final and Yakushevsky in the end fought for a win with the Dutchman Roy van den Berg.

“Paul is so well prepared that it would be sorted out. Engler is a strong opponent, but Paul today was stronger, — said the coach of the racer Alexander Toromanov. — The second, which Paul showed in qualifying, wasn’t such a surprise, but it was nice. He has long been within the boundaries of 9.8 seconds went, here have outdone themselves, reached the peak form and did everything right”.

“It was a difficult year — admitted Ekushevskiy. — C the month of February I managed to survive the defeat at the Olympics, suspension (because of Meldonium), justification, then I had a wedding is already positive emotions. After I was acquitted already gone up the emotions. So now in your personal life, positive emotions, and that’s winning the championship”.

A question of pace

Remained without medals the Russians in the tempo of events, including team races, although race against the French began. “In General were going well, hard, rode well, two kilometers went fine. It was not the last kilometre of the lost stamina. We no longer dominate the team race, gone are the days when we dominated. But hands down, it is necessary to work. Much remains to be done, will try to make this work,” — said the coach of the team Alexander Kuznetsov.

In the women’s team race, the Russians were updated structure. “Of course, we were preparing to improve the result, which showed in the championship of Russia, but as we practiced in part, the three of us, two more athletes joined already here, we neskuchnie brand. The gap from top 3 teams is quite large, but it has always been so. At the world Cup the result was worse than this. There the structure was more Mature, and we are all young, but have improved the time. We just need to work, work, work,” said Elizaveta Oshurkova.

“To replace the older we get the youth in the team now almost 50% of the new composition. We will consider young people to perform at the world Cup, we need to have an idea about the composition for the next four years”, — summarized the head coach of Russian national team Sergey Kompanets.

Very soon — in early November, the Russian team will go to European stages of the world Cup in Glasgow, Scotland and Dutch Apeldoorn, where you will earn points for participation in the world Cup 2017.

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