A movie where the fate of the characters is decided by viewers, will be released in Russia on 24 November

MOSCOW, October 23 — RIA Novosti. The world’s first interactive Swiss-British film Tobias Weber “Night game” in which viewers choose the plot development and the ending with using the app on a mobile device, will be released in Russian cinemas on November 24 in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Surgut and Kaliningrad.

The film was shown in Moscow on Saturday within the framework of the industrial forum Kinopoisk Film Market.

“What is the meaning of interactivity? That the audience coming to the theater, download the app to the phone, which allows them to vote on the course of the film via Wi-Fi network, the choices of the protagonist, which was voted the mathematical majority, instantly continues on the screen”, — told RIA Novosti the distributor of the film, producer at Continental Communications Nikolay Kudryashov.

According to Kudryashov, the time of the movie is from 80 to 100 minutes depending on which of the seven versions of the film – happy ending before the death of the heroes will choose the audience.

“A movie is a single file, an interactive movie –it’s not one file, it requires additional hardware and software”, — continued the interlocutor of the Agency.

The producer said that the film was shown at the last Cannes film festival. “The audience was very happy, the feeling of a common cause – to help the hero to choose the right set of actions”, — said Kudryashov. He noted that the forum Kinopoisk Film Market was the second screening of the film, the first — closed — was held in the capital in the summer.

“For the first time in the result of the vote was an absolute happy ending, and yesterday the main character, though not killed, but he was arrested,” — said Kudryashov.

He stressed that “cinema diverse and varied, and the format control-movie, of course, there is a viewer, but the task to supplant directorial movie no one does not put before him”.

The plot of the film student Matt works as a security guard in the Parking lot at night, preparing for the lessons at the University. Suddenly, the relatively quiet life of Matt intervened a lovely girl who first asked for the keys to someone else’s car, and then wanted him to take her from the Parking lot and left the post. Further developments have to choose the viewer.

The emergence of interactive cinema appeared in the gaming industry. The Walking Dead was one of the first and most popular games with a branching story depending on the player’s decisions. Thanks to the technology CtrlMovie have the opportunity to implement game mechanics in the film industry.