The week’s events: version readers união USA and Russia are hitting the pots and fury Comedy breaks

This week has sounds broken pots, which threw on each other the US and Russia after the failure of truce in Syria. Both sides finally slid to the rhetoric of the worst days of the Cold war, and apparently, will come out of it soon. The Obama administration is extremely frustrated by the failure of truce in Syria, began to hint that it is considering all options, including the air strikes on forces of the Assad regime. In turn, entrenched in the Kremlin screpancy finally went off the rails and brought to Syria, another air defense, simultaneously stating that they would shoot down any unidentified objects. In response, the Washington generals, for a long time striving to show, that knowingly eat their own bread, said that a war with Russia or China is almost inevitable. According to them, it will be extremely bloody, but short.

It would seem that the bottom has broken, but in Russia, caught courage, decided not to stop and raise the stakes higher. After the exchange of “pleasantries” Putin declared that Russia leaves the agreement with the United States for the disposal of weapons-grade plutonium. The agreement between the Russian Federation and the USA about plutonium disposition can be restored only if the us side performs a series of obviously impracticable conditions. Do you think that knowing about these conditions in Washington were taken aback at first, then laughed, and then thought hard about the adequacy of the Moscow “partners”. According to the Kremlin, the US needs to repeal the law of Sergei Magnitsky, all sanctions against Russia, to compensate for losses from these sanctions, and in the appendage to reduce the infrastructure of NATO in Europe. Our readers enjoyed this list – read this, and really fun.

If the adequacy of the Russians is obvious, while to the list have questions. All this time worshipful TV room and Putin explained to Russians that sanctions them is only good. And then suddenly cancel them why it is necessary. Yes, and losing some to compensate. However, I am sure, Kiselyov and Solovyov quickly explain to perplexed viewers what was going on, and they will continue to reside in the sweet fog of propaganda.

In Moscow, meanwhile, the FSB has committed another planned provocation and detained Ukrainian correspondent of “UKRINFORM” Roman Sushchenko, calling him a member of the Ukrainian intelligence. Deciding not to waste time on trifles, they immediately awarded him the rank of Colonel Gur, the defense Ministry of Ukraine, and hung the article of “espionage”. Putin’s press Secretary called it “the usual work of the security services”, and the Sushchenko has pleaded not guilty and will fight. Defended earlier, Savchenko’s lawyer mark Feygin has already recognized that something was wrong and save his ward can only be a public sensation. Apparently, the anti-Ukrainian hysteria in Russia slowly began to subside, so the Kremlin-controlled security services urgently needed another Ukrainian “spy”, “terrorist” or “pravosek”. As they say, would be the Ukrainian, and “article”. Our audience continues to monitor the case Sushchenko, and our editorial staff.

This week, the Ukrainians are also closely watched the Comedy series “How fury runs from Klitschko.” Almost every day the Boxing world was shaken by news about Tyson fury, which is involved in the doping scandal, cancels combat, suffers from depression, drinks and uses cocaine. In parallel, he said that out of the box, and after a few hours announces it as a joke. Wladimir Klitschko that is due to the British not fought for almost a year, it seems, had had enough. He stated that he definitely renounced the battle with fury, who, in his words, “dragging the box in the swamp.”

After the next wave of tariff increases and in anticipation of the heating season, readers also wanted clarification of justice, in which case from-for debts for communal may seize homes. I hurry to calm all, the Minister of justice assured that it’s all myths, and no one to confiscate is not. And if this issue was somehow everything is clearer, then that’s where ordinary Ukrainians to obtain funds for the payment of draconian tariffs, no one has yet explained.

However, a number of important messages our readers are still with their attention bypassed. Basic, perhaps, is the extension of the Rada of the moratorium on land sales until 2018, contrary to the direct demand of the IMF. A free land market – one of the conditions of allocation of the fourth tranche of loan to Ukraine. Well, God bless him, with a tranche. The problem is that one of the country’s most important economic reform again became a victim of populism and political intrigue. They say that the way the coalition PPB-NF beat out one of the trump cards Tymoshenko, who as a clear opponent of the sale of land, planned to build on its PR campaign and to criticize the government.

Not interested in Ukrainians and announced by the Ministry of health transfer of health insurance model from 2017. And there is a lot of interesting things. According to health Ministry officials, the Ukrainians can freely choose a family doctor and a pediatrician for their children and to conclude the direct contracts with clearly defined scope of services, guaranteed and paid for by the state. Only not quite clear how all this will happen and where will take funding.

Ignored readers and quite a significant message that, despite all the obvious facts and the results of the investigation, the majority of Russians do not believe in the involvement of the Kremlin to the destruction of the Malaysian airliner and the deaths of almost three hundred innocent people. Most people tend to think that the airliner over Ukraine was shot down with the participation of the Ukrainian military or Western intelligence agencies. In involvement in the attack on the plane of the militants “DNR” and “LNR” or Russian special services believe only 4% and 1% of Russians. This is very sad and disturbing at the same time.

I wish all critical thinking and rational use of information, not to be like the “majority” of Russians, who loves to talk TV and unlimited trust him!

Nikolai Kondratenko, the chief editor of the UNIAN projects