In Moscow have established a bust of Lev Yashin with the error in the date of death

In Moscow opened a bust of the legendary Soviet football goalkeeper Lev Yashin. As reported TASS, on the pedestal incorrectly listed the month of the death of the athlete. In the photo published by the Agency, you can see that instead of 20 March to 20 April.

Solemn opening of the bust was held on Saturday, October 22, at the Alley of Russian glory in front of the main entrance to the building of the Russian state University of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism.

In the Moscow branch of the “Alley of Russian glory” promised to correct the mistake. “I don’t know how it happened, but we will correct the date,” said TASS representative of the Moscow branch of the “Alley of Russian glory” Vladimir Koshlakov. According to him, the first will correct the issue temporarily, smeary or hanging something from above figures. “Closer to the warm season will hang on top of a special plate with all the information. If you do it now, then paint, which we applied, may swell”, — he explained.

Goalkeeper Lev Yashin played for the USSR national team from 1954 to 1967. In 1956, he became the Olympic champion. It is also the only ever goalkeeper, received the “Golden ball”. This award he received in 1963.