“Good night, kids”: pinky and perky to be auctioned

Anna Mikhailova, especially for MIA “Russia today”

Heroes of the beloved children’s TV shows hare Stepashka and piggy piggy October 20, were sold at auction of Russian art of XX century in the auction house “SOVKOM”. The hammer went two dolls dressed in the fashion of the 90s.

Idols of generations of kids took pride of place among the 110 lots of artists-classics of the pre-revolutionary period and the masters of socialist realism.

Estimated value of the dolls ranged from 3 to 8 thousand dollars. The auction house did not disclose how much and who eventually went dolls.

From Mumbles to Fili

Central TV announcer Vladimir when is the transfer to the children “Goodnight, kids”

Few people remember that in September 1964, when on the Soviet screens released the first issue of “good night, kids!”, the main characters were not familiar to us today Stepashka, piggy, Phil and Karkusha and manufactured in the theatre of Sergey Obraztsova doll fast and mumbles.

To 68, the year it was Pinocchio and the hare Tepa.

The first of the canonical four has reappeared on the dog Phil, and two years later the Tepa was replaced by its more modern tribesman — Stepashka. Smart and prudent rabbit fell in love not only children, but also the leadership of the country. Say Stepashka was a favorite character of Brezhnev.

Birthday piggy is 10 February 1971, a pig, a bully became a constant antagonist of his obedient big-eared friend. Unique case for the Soviet television — a charming rule-breaker piggy became the idol of children throughout the Union.

The voices and hands of the era

The characters are so alive and have such a strong personality that inevitably forget that behind every puppet is a puppet master. The characters “good night, kids!” largely due to the enduring popularity of the beautiful artists who gave them their memorable voices.

Angelic gentle tone Stepashky — owned by his longtime “mom” Natalia Golubentseva. Honored artist of Russia, laureate of “TEFI” Natalia finished estradno-circus school and started working in the movies. But that “role” Stepashky became her true calling.

The piggy hoarseness for more than 30 years had a professional puppeteer Natalia Derjavini. Unfortunately, in 2002 she was gone. New voice star pig after careful casting was another pupil of the puppet theatre Obraztsov — Oksana Chabanyuk.

Speaker Valentina Leontiev conducts a telecast “good night, kids!”

Dudes with blue screens

Dolls are changed every three years, and at the end of this period, they often remain with the members of the crew. The auction house “SOVKOM” Khryusha and Stepashka were just from a private collection. The characters were represented in the uniform of the 90-ies: Bunny in pink pants, a red turtleneck and yellow boots, and piggy in a pink shirt, jeans with patches and blue sneakers.

However, to the eclectic ‘ 90s he had all the chances not endure. The peak of the popularity of the program came in the 70s. Esters along with the dolls were the best speakers on the Soviet television, Vladimir Ukhin, Valentina Leontyeva, angelina Vovk, Tatiana Vedeneeva and a visiting movie stars and singers.

However, after the death of Leonid Brezhnev (on the day of the funeral, the transfer is not even aired), puppet characters from the program removed. Until 1986, the speakers went on the air alone. Young viewers and their parents, this situation is not satisfied, the editor of the program filled up with letters demanding the return on the screens of pinky and perky. To the delight of today’s viewers, the television that request fulfilled.