Trump has declared readiness to meet with Putin before the inauguration

The candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump

The Republican candidate for the US presidential election, Donald trump said that in case of victory in the presidential race, he could meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin even before the official inauguration.

“If I win on 8 November, you could meet with Putin, meet with Russia before the start of my administration,” quotes trump Politico.

“I think it would be great”, — said the candidate.

The statement was made in response to a question that could take a trump to prevent war “with the Russians.” In his opinion, all the problems with Russia are caused by the fact that the current leaders of the United States often insulted the President of Russia. In addition, trump said that Russian nuclear potential is far ahead of us.

Politico notes that trump expressed the wish that the meeting on the background of constant allegations that he is Pro-Russian stance and playing to Putin. Earlier the adviser of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton Jake Sullivan stated that the Republican nominee is acting in the interests of Russia.

Newspaper Finanсial Times published material on the relationship of trump and his former political advisers with Russian business. In addition, Democrats have repeatedly said that hacker attacks on their computer networks were carried out in the interest of trump. Later, White house officials have accused Russia of involvement in the cyber attacks and intervention in the political process in the country.

During his election campaign, trump has repeatedly praised Putin and stated that I would be able to agree with him on many contentious issues.

Partner trump Tim Cain during the debates with his opponent Mike Pence in response to the statement that Republicans love Russia, spoke about the role of Putin in the international arena, in particular about the absence of doubt, what “Vladimir Putin in the country is a stronger leader than Barack Obama in his”. “He’s stronger on the international arena”, — said the representative of the Republicans.

In one of his last statements by trump said that “loves and hates” of the President of Russia. “They say that Donald trump loves Putin. I don’t like [him] or hate. Let’s see how this will work,” he said, speaking to supporters in Nevada. “Maybe we will develop a good relationship may be terrible. Maybe our relationship will be exactly in the middle,” added trump.