The FBI believe that the Director of the Bureau hindered the investigation of the post Clinton

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation James Komi Republic tried to prevent the investigation into the emails of Hillary Clinton, reports the Daily Caller, citing FBI sources.

“This is a classic case in which you must collect the Grand jury, but this was not done. It’s shocking,” said one of the special agents of the Bureau. He called surprising by the fact that the Bureau did not search the house of Clinton in the course of the investigation, although this measure is taken in all cases.

All the investigators agreed that in fact there were many reasons to the beginning of the trial, however, the Komi Republic “stood in the way”, said another agent. He also called “ridiculous” the fact that the Clinton case was not referred to the Grand jury.

In accordance with the judicial practice in the United States, the so-called Grand jury of 23 people should check the base to charge the person and decide whether the accused trial.