B: in the case of corruption in police of Moscow pleaded guilty and testified

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. A former investigator of the Moscow state Ministry of interior Viktor Rubashkin, who a few months not admitted guilt on charges of bribery, has concluded with the Prosecutor pre-trial agreement on cooperation, and also testified for the other defendants, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Under version SK the Russian Federation from October to November 2015 the investigators of the MIA of Vladimir Andrievsky and Viktor Rubashkin through an intermediary tried to get 2 million rubles from suspect of involvement in the criminal community, promising to halt the ongoing criminal case.

In GSU SKR, which is leading the investigation, confirmed the publication of that fact. In turn, attorney Alexander Pakhtusov, representing Rubashkin, explained that his client, “thinking he made this choice and then, in the framework of the agreement gave evidence”.

About the content of the testimony the lawyer did not speak, but noted that after the conclusion of the agreement his client was transferred from jail under house arrest and brought under goszaschitu, the newspaper said.