The Serbian President said that the country will not impose sanctions against Russia

BELGRADE, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. Serbia in its policy will continue to rely on Russia and does not intend to enter against it any sanctions, said Monday in Belgrade, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic at the opening ceremony of the development Centre of the Russian geographical society (RGS).

“Russia is a country without which can not be solved no important international issue. We are aware that without cooperation with Russia, we would not be able to fully protect our national interests, the most important of which is the preservation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Especially in international organizations”, — said Nikolic.

Recalling the historical ties between the two countries, the scale of assistance to Serbia by Russia in the First and Second world wars, the Serbian leader reiterated that Belgrade will not join the sanctions against Russia.

“Serbia continues to rely on Russia. We will never introduce sanctions against the Russian Federation, despite the pressure. We ourselves have experienced the devastating effects of sanctions on the state and the people. They are far-reaching and often affect the most vulnerable segments of the population — exactly what the proponents of sanctions often is significant want to protect,” said the President.

He also stressed that Serbia does not want someone from the “chose her friends.”

Solemn meeting devoted to opening of the development Center of the Russian geographical society in Serbia was held in the building of the rectorate of the Belgrade University. In the event Tomislav Nikolic was presented with a membership card PRO number 19900-77 signed by the President of the society Sergei Shoigu.

“We are very happy that today you are an honorary member of the Russian geographical society. It seems to me that this step is a logical continuation of the developing Russian-Serbian cooperation, in which you make a huge contribution,” said Russian Ambassador in Belgrade Alexander Chepurin, referring to Nikolic.

The primary objectives of the Center in Serbia is to promote geography, preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Russia and Serbia, environmental, educational, research and other activities aimed at capacity development of the two countries. In addition, the plans of work of the Centre is the involvement of youth in scientific work in geography and related disciplines.