Slon Magazine announced the name change

Alexander Vinokurov

“In the near future Slon will change the name on the Republic”, — stated in the message to subscribers on behalf of the publisher of the Magazine “Slon” (JSC “Moscow digital media”) by Maxim Karolinskogo. “Yet on the website nothing, but soon we will begin the move — said in his address. We decided to take this step because we believe that the new name is more suitable and analytical edition about politics, the economy and business — so you can describe our current concept”.

Launching the project in 2009, one of the founders of the project — Leonid Bershidsky — offered readers a few options decode the name Slon “Service Online News or Service information, or Service from a Logical Organization of News”. “A lot will change, but the essence of journalism remains the same: we will continue to make the important information public. In this sense, it is very good that the words Republic and publish a common Latin root,” — concluded the appeal of the new name Maxim Kashulinsky.

The change of name Maxim Kashulinsky calls “the most radical” in the history of the project. The business model of the project — paid access to the content, introduced in 2014, remains unchanged. According to Karolinskogo, since introducing the paywall, about 40 thousand people at least bought a subscription The name change and all the project’s platform (Facebook group, Twitter, Vkontakte, Telegram).

“Slon never afraid to experiment, not afraid to change the “skin” and the face. I like the new name. It reminds that Russia is actually not a monarchy. With the old name we made noise. It is better to continue to live in the current environment. A China shop is no more,” commented RBC change the name of the project Leonid Bershidsky, now a columnist for Bloomberg View.