Was held in Paris thousands protest against gay marriage

About 24 thousand people gathered in Paris to March against gay marriage, artificial insemination and surrogacy. It is reported by Le Figaro.

The assembled activists protested the law legalizing same-sex marriage. The participants also were dissatisfied with a “violation of family policy” — transgender. “My teacher told us that biological gender can be different from was Paul.” — expressed their indignation by one of the participants.

“Equal rights and dignity does not mean that we are similar,” leads Le Monde the words of another participant. He noted that in addition to the cultural differences between the sexes, there are also biological, that influence the behavior.

The action was organized movement “Demonstration for all”, founded in 2013. According to organizers, the rally was attended by 20 thousand people, but the police reported that the protest March was from 23 thousand to 24 thousand. As notes the edition, at the peak of his popularity, “Demonstration for all” gathered more than a million people, although according to police, this number is 300 thousand people.

The abolition of the law on same-sex marriages can occur within three years after its adoption, underlines Le Figaro.

The first legal same-sex unions began in the Netherlands. Followed in 2013, France also allowed same-sex couples to marry. Later a similar law was approved by the Parliament of great Britain. In June, 2015 in all States of the USA became possible to register same-sex marriages. In addition, in April the constitutional court of Colombia has allowed same-sex marriages conclusion.