The NYT found out the name of the purchaser of a megayacht Serene billionaire Yury sheflera

Serene mega yacht at the port of the French city of La Ciotat, 2015

The buyer of the mega yacht Serene, which previously belonged to the co-owner of the alcoholic company SPI Group Yury Sheflera, became Deputy crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Ibn Salman al Saud. About this newspaper the New York Times told a person associated with Shefler, and a source close to the Royal family.

According to the newspaper, last year the crown Prince “couldn’t resist”, see the yacht during a holiday in the South of France. He sent the helper to help to make a deal for the purchase of the yacht.

“The deal was done within an hour, it costs approximately €500 million,” writes the NYT.

That Russian billionaire sold his yacht said Forbes, citing two sources at the beginning of April this year. Then the interlocutor of the edition told that Scheffler discussed the sale of the yacht for a sum close to €350 million Another source said that the buyer Serene became a billionaire from the Middle East, but his name was not called.

The representative of the billionaire refused to comment. He explained that “the buyers and the sale price has not been disclosed”.

According to the website the length of the yacht is total of 133.9 m. there are 15 cabins, two helicopter pads, a hangar for the helicopter, a gym, a lift and a saltwater pool. The yacht was built in 2011, the Italian shipbuilding company Fincantieri.

The Daily Mail wrote that Scheffler paid for the ship of $330 million As billionaire American Fobes estimated at $2.1 billion.