Putin: Russia does not employ economic opportunities in the Indian market

GOA (India), 16 Oct — RIA Novosti. Russia in relations with India while a little utilizes the capabilities of the civilian economy, although the country is a huge market, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Military-technical cooperation is not the only sphere of activity which is of interest to us. Unfortunately, very little used possibilities in the sphere of civil economy. It is very much possible to do. India is a huge market of 1.25 billion people,” — said Putin at the summit of the BRICS in India.

He stated that a significant portion of India’s population lives on a fairly high level of average income, “the market for our products.”

“We are trying to find additional niches for our cooperation”, — said the Russian President, calling among these sectors of space, aviation and engineering.

According to Putin, India is one of the main strategic partners of Russia, “no need to remember the period (second half of XX century), when we were in fashion slogan Indy Rusi bhai bhai”.

“Since then, little has changed, if not to say that our relationship became even deeper,” he said.

Vladimir Putin’s visit to India in photoblog Ria.ru