Modules ExoMars successfully divided on the approach to Mars

On approach to Mars, was the division’s first European-Russian interplanetary station “ExoMars-2016,” the website of the European space Agency. From the station separated the lander Schiaparelli, in orbit of Mars were the orbital module TGO.

The Agency said that the separation occurred normally, without failures.

The Schiaparelli landing module to Mars is scheduled for October 19, the surface of this planet it will last a few days, passing the readings. Using this device is planned to work out technologies for the controlled descent and landing on Mars before he will receive a second part of the mission with the Russian landing platform and a European Rover. The equipment module will record wind speed, humidity, pressure and temperature at the time of planting. In addition, the instrument will help to explore and understand the cause of dust storms.

Two days before landing, the orbital module TGO will begin a maneuver to enter the orbit of Mars. Scientists believe that the braking system about the planet’s atmosphere will last about a year and will go into orbit around Mars in late 2017. TGO will examine, in particular, small gas pollutants in the atmosphere and the distribution of water ice in the Mars soil.

Start of the expedition from Earth took place on the 14th March 2016, the carrier rocket “proton-M” took off from the Baikonur cosmodrome. First vehicles were put into orbit, then using the booster they went to Mars. ExoMars is a joint project of the Russian state Corporation and the European space Agency on Mars exploration.