Media reported about the beginning of the operation against ISIL in Mosul

The us military began shelling the positions of militants “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) in the Iraqi city of Mosul. About the Turkish Anadolu news Agency said the commander of the Kurdish armed formations (pershmerga) Omar Hussein.

According to him, the U.S. military strikes from howitzers at the positions of terrorists. Artillery US located 20 kilometers from the city center of Mosul. Hussein also said that the planes of the US-led coalition bombarded the ISIL positions in Mosul.

“The terrorists of the “Islamic state” began to burn tires in order to reduce the visibility once coalition aircraft began shelling the region,” the commander added.

He also added that the militants burn the oil in the channels

The Agency source in the Pentagon said that “a full-scale offensive has not yet begun”. He didn’t say, started any fighting.

Turkish portal Sozcu, citing Iraqi television also reported the beginning of operations in Mosul.

Mosul is the last major city in Iraq, which is ISIS. The city itself was captured by terrorists in the summer of 2014. In early October, the head of the Iraqi security Committee Mohammed Ibrahim al-Batel said that the operation in Mosul will be “sudden and rapid”. He called the timing of its implementation, but stressed that coalition forces are ready to assault the city.