In Sverdlovsk area the truck crashed into a residential building, five people were killed

MOSCOW, 16 Oct — RIA Novosti. Five people were killed and another one was injured in the collision of the truck with apartment building in Gornouralskii city district of the Sverdlovsk region, told RIA Novosti a source in the emergency services of the region.

“The truck, as yet unknown reason, crashed into a two-story apartment house on the street state farm in the village of Nikolo-Pavlovskoye. According to preliminary data, six people were in the truck, five were killed, the injured child is taken to hospital in a state of moderate severity”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

In traffic police of the Sverdlovsk region RIA Novosti reported that residents of an apartment building in the incident were not injured. According to authorities, the accident occurred at 20.20. The driver of the truck Volvo, for an unknown reason, drove off the roadway and crashed into a house.